How to get started using 511

It’s simple to check traffic conditions on Mississippi’s busiest highways, just dial 511, listen to the voice prompts and tell the 511 system what information you need. Since 511 is an automated system, you can interrupt at any time to request information.

511 Tips
  • Speak as clearly as possible and minimize any background noise – including radios, open windows, air conditioning and other people talking
  • Callers can ask for a Route(I-55, US-49, MS-6), City(Jackson, Biloxi, Hattiesburg), County(Rankin, Desoto) or Region(Gulf Coast, Golden Triangle).
  • Callers can also receive information for Welcome Centers/Rest Areas, Other States, Weather, Tourism, Public Transportation, or Travel Times
  • When listening to reports, you can say Next, Previous, Stop, or Repeat to navigate through the reports
  • Say Main Menu at any time to start from the beginning
  • Callers can interrupt the voice-activated menus at any time
  • Say Help if you need additional instruction
  • Callers can switch to touch-tone mode by pressing ‘88’ at anytime. To get back to voice mode, press ‘88’ again
  • Check your cell phone signal strength when placing a call; weak reception may cause voice recognition problems. If you experience problems with voice recognition, hang up and try your call again
511 Phone Menu
  • Main Menu / Traffic - Get information on accidents, vehicle fires, disabled vehicles, construction alerts, and weather warnings and advisories.
  • Welcome Centers / Rest Areas - Hear information about locations of these facilitie.s
  • Weather - Hear up-to-date weather information for a city or county with a 36 hour forecast.
  • Other States - Transfer to other 511 systems in neighboring states, choose from Tennessee, Georgia, Florida or Louisiana.
  • Public Transpiration - Transfer to the covered Transit agencies throughout the state. Currently, the system covers Choctaw Transit Authority, Jackson Area Transit Authority, and the Coastal Transit Authority.
  • Tourism - Transfer to various tourism agencies throughout the state.
  • Travel Time - Offers the traveler a chance to get an idea of how long their trip may take. You can say the name of a covered route, and give your exit number and you will hear how long it takes to get to the next 3 exits.
511 Ways to Interact
  • There are three ways you can quickly get traffic information on a covered road. Mississippi 511 allows you to request information through:
    1. Voice Commands
      • Say the name of a covered route (I-55, US-49, MS-6); You can say just the number of the route to get the info for that route
      • Say the name of a city, county, or region
    2. Touch-Tone commands only (Turns off all voice recognition — this mode is useful in noisy environments)
      • Press 88 during the Main Menu to enter touch-tone only mode. This will disable voice command options
      • Enter the Highway Code (I-55: press 55#)
      • Enter a code for a City press the letters C and I, which are the numbers 2 and 4 on your keypad then the first four letters of the city; for County press the letters C and O, which are numbers 2 and 6 on your keypad then the first four letters of the county.
      • To return to the Main Menu, press 9
      • To leave Feedback, press 7
    3. Both voice and touch-tone commands interchangeably
      • Say a highway name or enter the highway’s touch-tone code
      • Say the name of or enter a code for a city or county