What you want What to SAYWhat to PRESS
Traffic Reports Road name route number + "#"
(55, "fifty- five", "five five", "I 55" ) (55#)
City Name 'C'+'I' + first four letters of city + '#'
(Biloxi) (CIBilo# or 242456#)
County Name 'C'+'O' + first four letters of county + '#'
(Rankin) (CORank# or 267265#)
Region 'R' + 'G' + first four letters of region + '#'
(Gulf Coast)   (RGGulf#  or 744853#)
Welcome Center or Rest Areass"Welcome Center" or "Rest Areas"1
Surrounding states 511 offices"Other States"2
Weather reports"Weather" 3
Tourism/ Recreation/ and Visitors Bureaus"Tourism" 4
Public Transportation"Public Transportation"5
Travel Time (from point a to b)"Travel Time"6
Leave a Feedback"Feedback"7
511 System Help/ Tips "Help" 
Main Menu or Start Over
Can be spoken/pressed at any time during call
"Main Menu"9
Next Traffic Report Next6
Exit Traffic Reports with option to report an incident "Stop"5
Previous Traffic Report"Previous"4
Repeat Traffic Report"Repeat"